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Santorini offers some of the finest and distinct beaches in the Aegean Sea. Due to the volcanic nature of the island most of Santorini beaches are covered in the famous volcanic sand, have deep blue waters and some of them have red or white sand with pebbles. Everywhere you visit, you will see spectacular rock formations.
There are multicultural and well-organised beaches, that offer everything you need for a relaxing and entertaining day at the beach. The diversity of the beaches all along the island will please everybody.

Red Beach
Red Bеach is the most fаmоus beaсh οf Santоrini аnd οne of thе mоst cοlorful beaches wоrldwidе, located only some steps away from the ancient site of Akrotiri.

It is a nаrrow strip оf reddish sand and pеbbles under high rеd cliffs аnd thus its name. The wеird colоr is due tο the iron-riсh rоcks fοrmеd as а result of the vоlcaniс еruptiοn. The beach is semi-organized with white sunbeds and umbrellas.

No dоubt it is a must-seе destinаtiοn that is worth seеing.

Perivolos Beach
Perivolos Beach is located on the southeast end of the island in close proximity to Perissa, and is one of the most cosmopolitan and lively beach resorts in Santorini.

It lies between Perissa Beach and Agios Georgios Beach, that all together, in actual fact, form one long beach and you can go on foot from one to the other. The beach distinguishes for its sparkling azure blue waters and tranquil atmosphere. On the beachfront there are numerous taverns, pubs and restaurants serving fresh fish and local delicacies. Here you will find the most beach bars of the island playing loud dance music. All day long and every day is a huge party at Perivolos Beach with DJ guest appearances, performers and many special events.

Perivolos is surely one of the most well- organized beaches of Santorini offering a plethora of exciting water sports facilities, like windsurfing, scuba diving and jet ski.

Perissa Beach
Perissa Beach lies at the base of Mesa Vouno Mountain that separates Perissa from Kamari and on its top you can admire the eminent archaeological site of ancient Thera and a superb view.

The scenery of that black lava sand along with the sandy sea bottom and the dark blue, crystal clear waters is impressive. It is one of the longest and most famous beaches in Santorini, a characteristic sight of the volcanic island. It is a fully organized, cosmopolitan beach with an abundance of restful lounging chairs, umbrellas and other amenities, like lifeguards, showers and a playground. A wonderful water park with three water slides and pools offers fun and entertainment to children and grown-ups as well.

It has received the Blue Flag award since it is very clean and tidy.

Vlychada beach
Vlychada Beach is a stunning beach bordered by white rocks located on the southern side of Santorini, at the end of Perivolos beach.

It stands out for the overwhelming carved cliffs that resemble a sculptor’s work but is, in fact, a natural process owed to the volcano, the wind and the sea. It is a lengthy beach with relatively shallow waters and dark volcanic sand and pebbles. Not that crowded but organized with multiple sunbeds, straw umbrellas and a canteen is perfect for a relaxing sunbathing session.

Additionally, you can visit the Tomato Industrial Museum, a former tomato factory, and enjoy a guided tour concerning the traditional methods of cultivation and production of the tomato, a well-known product of Santorini.

Kamari Beach
Kamari Beach is located on the eastern side of the island, close to the airport, and is one of the most popular and most visited beach resorts in Santorini.

The beach is covered in black volcanic sand and is among the 3 longest beaches in Santorini, with deep crystalline waters and a series of trees. It is fully organized with hundreds of sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, a lifeguard on duty and numerous facilities. It is maintained very clean and has been awarded the Blue Flag. Kamari Beach has actually everything you may need for a relaxing and satisfying day at the beach as it offers the most amenities you can find. There is a diving center where you can take lessons and try snorkeling. Here you have the opportunity to experience a variety of water sports as well, such as windsurfing, water skiing, surfing and paddleboats.

The beach is ideal for everyone, of all ages, and is a wondrous typical beach of Santorini, the volcanic island.

White Beach
White Beach is the most particular of all the beaches in Santorini. It is located in the southwest part of the island, near the Red Beach and the village Akrotiri.

On White beach, which the locals often call White Sand (Aspri Ammos), the thing that sets it apart is exactly what gave it its name: the white color which contrasts with the dark, reddish or ocher tones encountered on other shores. Covered in black, grey and white sand and pebbles, the beach has a dramatic atmosphere with massive cliffs surrounding it. There is a small cave canteen with umbrellas and sunbeds and despite being well known, the beach remains quiet and peaceful, offering perfect isolation for those looking to relax.

Due to its reputation and the stunning scenery, this beach is the first choice of the visitors to the island.

Agios Georgios Beach
Agios Georgios Beach is located on the south east side of Santorini, right after Perivolos Beach and extends over Vlychada Beach.

It has similar characteristics with black sand and pebbles. The beach is clean and semi-organized. It has been getting more and more popular in recent years and has now become quite busy with beach side tavernas and bars, some luxury wooden loungers and other beach furniture to hire as well as music and a wide selection of water sports for entertainment. You can experience an alternative and more active time at the beach by trying scuba diving, windsurfing, jet skiing, paddleboat and banana boats.

Despite the fact that it is the extension on Perissa and Perivolos beaches, it remains less crowded and popular and, in fact, is the beach that many celebrities prefer as they look for privacy.

Columbo Beach
Columbo beach or Cape Columbo is the most secluded and unspoiled beach and is considered by locals to be the best beach in the north east side of the island.

It is named after the underwater Columbo crater that last erupted in 1650. This crater is the most active of the island; hence the waters here are hot. It is a long and wide sandy beach surrounded by dramatic cliffs and the waves are a common phenomenon here. It offers absolutely no tourist facilities at all and it is nudish friendly.

You need your own transport to get to Columbo beach as it’s not on the bus route but there’s parking a short walk away. Due to the lack of facilities it is recommend stocking up on water if you plan to spend some time here.

Eros Beach
Eros is a wonderful, secluded beach on the south part of Santorini. It lies on the coastal area of Vlychada and is actually a continuation of the long Vlychada Beach.

To get there you have to follow a dirt road that leads to a restricted parking area. Its best feature is the staggering white-brown cliffs that encircle it. They have been naturally sculptured by the waves and the wind over the years and they create one of the most unreal sceneries in Santorini.
Eros is a small beach with black sand, pebbles, deep and crystal clear waters and one of the most unreal sceneries in Santorini. A cozy beach bar-restaurant lies above nad next to the beach where you can relax on sofas, swings and hammocks while you enjoy your meal or a refreshing cocktail. At this lounge beach bar the atmosphere is totally romantic and dreamy with ambient music, especially in the evening. It is the ideal all day destination as it is considered among the best beach bars not only in Santorini, but in the entire Mediterranean. Many happenings and lives take place here and it is an excellent spot for wedding receptions. Finally, you can have fun and play in the beach volleyball court near the sea.