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Coat of Arms Mansion stands awesomely on the highest point of Fira, facing the most spectacular view of the island and capturing the astonishing beauty of the Caldera that made Santorini famous all over the world!

Thanks to the Mansion’s unique location the views and colors of the island from the balcony of the mansion are breathtaking at all times of day. During sunrise and sunset the horizon is flooded with magical colors transforming the scenery into a dreamy setting, while the lights of the island help to complete the already starry Santorinian glow. The modern and stylish outdoor 6-person heated Jacuzzi adds to the existing sense of luxury as it offers a touch of relaxation and pleasure.

Coat of Arms is a luxurious and refined Mansion, equipped with central heating and air conditioning making it an ideal all-year round home. It consists of two building: The Main House and the Guest House.

The Mansion features a unique competitive advantage that the road reaches just outside the building, which is particularly rare for the island of Santorini.

Coat of Arms Mansion is 11 minutes by car from Santorini International Airport and 26 minutes by car from Santorini Port. Is just a 5 minute walking distance from the center of Fira and a 10 minutes walk from Firostefani, a lovely walking route next to the Caldera.